Very few of us enjoy waking up early in the morning. Why make the process even less enjoyable by having to stand on freezing cold tile in your bathroom?

When thinking about ways to heat a small or large area, one of the most efficient ways to do it is to use a radiant floor heating system installed by TRV Design Build. This modern flooring marvel is set beneath your tile or wood flooring and is controlled by a simple thermostat.

Radiant floor heating can be installed practically anywhere. It is a favorite in bathrooms, but can also be installed in kitchens, bedrooms, basements, or practically anywhere else in your home.

radiant floor heating system

Wire is woven throughout the underlayment, serving as a heating element that will keep your toes toasty!

Nowadays, a radiant floor heating system is easier to install than ever before. All it takes is one thin underlayment, laid out directly on top of your floor. Once we calculate the amount of wire needed based on the square footage of the room, it is woven throughout the underlayment to create a heating element.

With everything in place, all we have to do is connect a small probe to the wire, which is hooked up to a thermostat on your bathroom wall. All that’s left for you to do is to select the floor finish, which we install over the underlayment, and with a click of a button on the thermostat, you have a toasty bathroom floor!

Radiant floor heating is simple, efficient, and provides long-term savings benefits. No more cranking up the heat just to feel warm; keep your heating bills lowered and still stay comfy!

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