Hardwood floors look great, but sometimes the maintenance and care they require are not suitable for certain rooms in your home. This enclosed sunroom in Pottstown was one of those rooms. 

Originally, the sunroom was given a standard concrete floor. Although it was the most practical solution for this space, it was by far the least attractive. The homeowners wanted to see if there was a better solution that would make the sunroom a relaxing and appealing place to spend the upcoming summer days.

TRV Design Build had the perfect answer to their problem: faux wood tile flooring. This stunning material looks so much like hardwood, you would never believe it was actually made of porcelain. It’s the perfect alternative to hardwood in rooms that might be exposed to the elements.

Not only did we install the faux wood tile on the floors, but we also wrapped the concrete steps and installed a new oak tread to soften the step into the sunroom. The seamless new look was perfect for this space, and the homeowners can’t wait to get out there when the weather warms up.

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Pottstown Faux Wood Tile Flooring Photos