Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has questions, and not surprisingly there is a short list that is asked by just about everyone considering a remodeling project. We’ve listed those below with answers. If you should have a specific question you would like to ask, call or email us. We’d be happy to provide you with information.


Q. Do you provide free estimates?

A. Yes, as a professional courtesy to our past clients, and for prospective clients that have furnished us with detailed construction ready architectural plans and specifications.  If plans for your project are not yet available, we may charge a small initial consultation fee.  Should you decide to hire us, this fee will be credited back to you.  We will try to give you “ball park” figures for the project.  We use our years of experience and comparable jobs completed to arrive at this figure; much as a realtor uses “comparable sales” to determine the value of your house.  Many things are involved in the pricing of a project such as cabinetry, fixtures, design and layout.  Until a design is finalized and these items are chosen, an accurate proposal can’t be given.  If you then want to continue forward with a detailed written Proposal or employ us for a Design/Build project, we require a retainer which is applied to your job should you decide to proceed with our company.  The amount of the fee, which includes construction documents, can vary based upon size, specifications and complexity of the project.

 Q. Why is important to have a detailed design now, can we decide as we build?

A. It’s vital to your project to have a good plan.  Design as you go can cause delays and additional costs which will ruin your budget.  Also, consider that if you will have more than one company bid on your project, how will you determine the best overall value?  The bids may contain very different materials or construction techniques.  You will have to make a very important choice based on incomplete information and your budget, completed project or both may suffer in the end. 

 Q. How much does it cost to design my project?

A. The cost can vary considerably, but the thing to remember is that the design work is usually a required part of the permit process and vital to the success of the project. 

Q. Will you work with an Architect or designer I have chosen?

A. Absolutely.  If you employ our company for your project we will work closely with your design professional.  We will provide for you a proposal based upon their specifications.

Q. When can you start?

A. Lead times can vary, but usually, we are booked out eight weeks or more in advance. Often, by the time the design work is completed, the special order products are ordered and in local inventory, and the permits are acquired, we are ready to start.

 Q. What are your payment terms?

A. Our payment schedules are progress driven. For instance, a payment may be required at start, after framing inspection, or plumbing rough-in.  You “pay as you go” – and you can see the work progressing as you are paying for it. This enables us to run a more efficient operation knowing in advance when payments are coming in. This translates into better job cost control and a tighter job schedule – two things which are very important to our clients.

 Q. What if we want to make changes after we have signed a contract?

A. Obviously, things can change or be accidentally left out. In this case, we will write a change order specifying the change to be made to the Proposal and how much it will cost. The change order must be signed prior to the beginning of the work involved and payment is expected when the change order is executed.

Q. Do you have insurance?

A. Our company carries general liability, commercial automobile, and worker’s compensation coverage.  Proof of coverage will be furnished to you.

 Q. Do you furnish references?

A. Of course. We respect our customer’s privacy, and will only provide names and telephone numbers of those customers that have given permission to do so.  Please call them, we work hard to have the best reputation in our area and we are proud of it. We love to have our clients do our selling for us.

Q. How long will my project take to complete?

A. Before your job begins, we will discuss timelines for completion.  We attempt to stick to the schedule always. Sometimes Mother Nature won’t cooperate, sometimes delays can occur in the material supply chain, but this is usually the exception. It is to our advantage to get the job done on time and on budget. We want you to tell your friends and neighbors good things about TRV Design Build, LLC!

Q. Do you provide a guarantee or warranty?

A. We certainly do!  We have a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all our interior work.  We want you to be happy with our work and we know that sometimes things happen – and we don’t want those “things” to make you think of us in a poor light. We want you to enjoy your project.

Q. What about building permits?

A. Most renovations require a building permit.  These vary from locality to locality, along with fees.  The permit process is there to protect you, to make certain that local building codes are adhered to strictly, and that your project meets local zoning standards.  You should never attempt a remolding project without ensuring that you are meeting all the local codes and building standards.

 Q. I’m not familiar with the terms used in construction, how can I understand what you are talking about?

A.  It can sometimes feel like we are speaking a different language!  Here’s a glossary of terms that may help: Common Terms used in Construction

Q. What is a NARI certified professional?

A.  NARI Certified remodeling contractors are members of an elite group-the top professionals of the remodeling industry. Only full-time, professional remodeling contractors who have been actively involved in the industry for at least five years are eligible for certification by NARI. The NARI certified professional has: Received an acceptable review by the NARI Certification Board by providing an outline detailing their hands-on experience, industry training, involvement in continuing education, technical skills, practices in business management, as well as association and community service. Committed to intensive study on a broad range of critical industry issues. Certification candidates participate in a formal study group and spend eight to twelve weeks preparing for a one day exam. Successfully completed a comprehensive written examination covering critical subject areas such as sound business management practices, knowledge of building codes and construction law, plans and specifications, proper and safe use of tools and equipment, job safety, standards of practice and special skill areas.

 Q. What is NARI?

A. The National Association of Remodeling Industry (NARI), the “Voice of the Professional Remodeling Industry,” is the nation’s only not-for-profit trade association specifically dedicated to the professional remodeling industry. NARI promotes ethical and sound business practices for the benefit of the industry and America’s homeowners. NARI members will consistently deliver high-quality remodeling projects that ensure housing stock is safer, more comfortable and secure. Each member of NARI is pledged to observe the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and responsibility in the conduct of business.